Doubting Thomas for Children

Doubting Thomas for Children
Rev. Henry Martin / Free

This is a short story for children about Doubting Thomas as recorded in John’s Gospel. Although at first he did not believe Jesus returned from the dead, once Jesus showed him his wounds his faith was so great he eventually laid down his life for Jesus.

Once upon a time, there was a man named Thomas who was a friend of Jesus. 

Thomas was a brave and loyal friend, but he had a hard time believing that Jesus had come back to life after he had passed away.

This was such a big surprise, that Thomas wanted to see proof before he could believe it.

Thomas was not with his friends when Jesus came to visit them after he had come back to life. 

His friends were scared and hiding in a room, but Jesus was able to come in anyway. 

He said “Peace be with you,” which is a nice way of saying hello and that everything is okay.

When Thomas saw that Jesus had the same wounds as before, he finally believed that Jesus had really come back to life. 

He said, “My Lord and My God!” which means that he accepted Jesus as his leader and his God.

Even today, we can’t see Jesus like Thomas did, but we can still believe in him. 

We learn about Jesus from the Bible, and by asking questions and thinking about it, we can understand more about who Jesus is.

We can see God’s love in the world around us, like when people help each other, and in the beauty of nature. 

And just like Thomas, we can find peace and hope by accepting Jesus as our leader and God. 

Even when times are tough, we can remember that Jesus is with us, showing us his love.

And because of Jesus, we can look forward to a wonderful life that lasts forever.

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