Jesus turns Water into Wine Parable : John 2:1-11

jesus turns water into wine
jesus turns water into wine

This parable is about when Jesus turned water into wine. People sometimes like to explain miracles that Jesus performed as pleasant but imaginary legends – something that didn’t actually happen but ‘illustrate’ some supposedly more profound, more spiritual truth.

Some people even discount the supernatural and mysterious events in the bible with claims of errors in scripture translation.

Personally, I enjoy the mysterious and supernatural expressions of Jesus’ ministry far too much to pretend something else is happening.

For me, if we discount the mystical moments, then it’s a bit like making a chocolate cake but leaving out the chocolate!

Great is the mystery of faith.


The more we get to know Jesus, the more we realise that miraculous signs like this were always to be expected if He was around.

Turning water into wine – no problem for Jesus!

For me, an exciting part of this reading is the words in the final paragraph, ‘the first of his signs’. 

These signs are moments when heaven is opened, and the transforming power of Gods love bursts into the present world. These are sometimes called ‘thin moments’ – when heaven comes very close to earth.

I believe that in these moments, God’s angels are going up and coming down at the place where Jesus is.

In John’s gospel, there are many situations where he points us to signs revealing that heaven had come closer to earth.

The story of Jesus turning water into wine is one of the ‘thin moments’ when heaven came closer to earth.

Turning the water into wine is a beautiful visual illustration of the transformational power that can happen when Jesus is present.

The wedding is a foretaste of the great heavenly feast in store for God’s people.

The water jars used for Jewish purification rites signify that God is doing a new thing from within the old Jewish system, bringing transformation to Israel and the world in a whole new way.

The turning of water into wine signifies the effect of Jesus on people’s lives – he can turn things around for those who turn to Him.

I can testify to you that Jesus has come close to me on occasion and has turned around situations that had otherwise seemed impossible.

If he can do that for me, then he can do it for you too if you turn to him in hope and prayer. 

Why not give it a try?

John 2:1-11 Jesus turns water into wine parable

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