Maundy Thursday 2024

Once upon a time, a very kind man named Jesus had a special dinner with his friends.

This dinner was to remember an important time when they were saved from something really bad a long time ago.

During dinner, Jesus did something very kind.

He washed his friends’ feet to show that he cared for them and that they should care for each other too.

Jesus also shared some bread and juice with his friends and asked them to have this meal together in the future to remember him.

This meal is now called Holy Communion or Eucharist.

But Jesus was sad because he knew one of his friends would not be nice to him.

Even though all his friends said they would never do that, one friend, named Judas, left quietly because he was going to do something not very nice.

Jesus talked about a special rule called ‘maundy,’ which means ‘command.’

He wanted everyone to remember to love each other just like he loved them.

This was a new rule he gave them before he went away.

Jesus also told his friends that he had to go somewhere they couldn’t come, but he wanted them to remember to always love each other.

There’s a story about a man named John who called Jesus the ‘Lamb of God.’ This means that Jesus was very good and innocent, and he chose to do something very brave to help everyone.

The day we remember all of this is called Maundy Thursday, which is right before Good Friday, the day when Jesus showed the greatest love of all.

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