Psalm 121 Tells us we are Safe in God’s Care

Psalm 121 tells us we are safe in God’s care
Psalm 121 tells us we are safe in God’s care

Psalm 121 – I life up my eyes to the hills

Today we live in an anxious and fearful world. We worry about; our relationships, our finances, our health, our jobs and a lot more. 

Worry breeds worry, as we know from having news of trouble and terror worldwide available to us only a screen and a click away, 24/7. 

But this is not the life that God intended for us, St Peter said; For you were going astray like sheep, but now you have returned to the shepherd and guardian of your souls. 1 Peter 2:25 (NRSV) 

God is the shepherd and guardian of our souls, Our Good Shepherd, who will protect us from all the world’s worries when we turn to him.

He knew us before we were formed in our mother’s womb; he breathed life into us. He didn’t say, well, that’s it done then when we were born, you are on your own now.

He said I will protect you, guard you against your fears and enemies; I will help you solve your problems.

When you turn to your Good Shepherd (God), you are protected from things you don’t even know. He keeps you safe in places and in times when you don’t even know you are in danger.

This is why we can still live in peace, even when there is turmoil. God did not say we would not face trouble, but he promised to rescue us and get us on the right road in times of challenge.

Psalm 121 

Assurance of God’s protection

I lift up my eyes to the hills— 
    from where will my help come?

My help comes from the Lord,
    who made heaven and earth.

He will not let your foot be moved;
    he who keeps you will not slumber.

He who keeps Israel
    will neither slumber nor sleep.

The Lord is your keeper;
    the Lord is your shade at your right hand.

The sun shall not strike you by day,
    nor the moon by night.

The Lord will keep you from all evil;
    he will keep your life.

The Lord will keep
    your going out and your coming in
    from this time on and forevermore.

Psalm 121 as recorded in the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible. 

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