Psalm Sunday 2024

Palm Sunday for Children

Once upon a time, Jesus and his friends were walking to a big city called Jerusalem.

Before they got there, Jesus asked two friends to find a young donkey in a village.

They found it, and when someone asked why they were taking it, they said, “Because the Lord needs it,” and they were allowed to take it.

They brought the donkey to Jesus, put their coats on it to make a comfy seat, and Jesus rode into Jerusalem.

People were so excited to see Jesus that they put their coats on the ground and waved palm leaves, cheering like he was a king!

Some leaders, called Pharisees, didn’t like all the noise and asked Jesus to tell everyone to be quiet. 

But Jesus said that if the people didn’t cheer, the stones on the ground would start cheering instead!

As Jesus got closer to the city, he felt very sad and cried because he loved the city and its people.

When Jesus got to the city, he went to a special place called the temple. 

He saw people being unfair and selling things for their own profit, so he made them leave and started teaching everyone about love and kindness.

What does this mean for us today?

Palm Sunday is a special day when we remember how Jesus came to Jerusalem, not as a big, powerful king, but as a gentle king who wanted peace.

People thought the new king would fight the Romans, but Jesus came in peace, riding on a donkey, just like a prophecy said.

But the Pharisees were worried and didn’t want things to change.

So Jesus showed that he was a different kind of king, one who cared about love and peace more than power.

Jesus cried for the city because he knew some people didn’t understand his message of love, and he was sad about what would happen to the city later.

In the temple, Jesus showed he wanted to change things for the better, starting with fairness and teaching.

Palm Sunday starts a very important week that tells the story of Jesus’ last days, his teachings, and how he showed that love is stronger than anything, even death.🌿

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