The Story of Jesus for Children : Part 1

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A long time ago, there was a man named Jesus who was very kind and taught people about love and kindness. 

Some people didn’t understand him and thought he was saying he was a king, which made the leaders unhappy.

So they decided that he had to go away. But before he left, some soldiers were not very nice to him. 

They even made a crown of pointy thorns and put it on his head.

Then, they gave him a big wooden cross to carry up a hill called Calvary. 

Even though it was hard and the crown hurt, Jesus didn’t get angry with them.

When they got to the top of the hill, they put Jesus on the cross so everyone could see him. 

Jesus was very brave and even asked for everyone to be forgiven because they didn’t understand what they were doing.

There were also two other men who had done bad things, and they were put on crosses next to Jesus. 

One of them realised that Jesus was good and asked if he could be his friend in heaven. Jesus said yes, and that made the man very happy.

Jesus stayed on the cross for a long time, and his friends and mum Mary, were there with him. It was a very sad day, and even the sky became dark for a while.

Finally, Jesus said a prayer and then it was time for him to go to heaven. 

After he was gone, there was a big storm, and everyone knew that Jesus was someone very special.

Later, Jesus’ friends put his body in a special place called a tomb and closed it with a big rock.

A long time before Jesus came, God had promised to send someone very special, called the Messiah, to help everyone. 

Many people believe that Jesus was this special person and that he came to teach us about love and to be with us forever.

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