We Plough the Fields and Scatter Hymn

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Yesterday was Harvest Sunday and of course, we sang the hymn ‘We Plough the Fields and Scatter’ in my parish church.

What a joy, it took me straight back to harvest time at school and how we children would sing this hymn as we viewed all the harvest offerings set out on the stage before us. My family had an allotment and we would often donate a basket of vegetables which sometimes found itself at the centre of the display. 

As I sang the words to the hymn yesterday remembering those carefree days all those years ago, I thought how the hymn, like God, is completely timeless and the hymn is as meaningful today as when it was first written nearly 250 years ago

I found a particularly wonderful YouTube rendition of the hymn, from the Northern Baptist Association. I thought that you might like to watch this in the link below, and reflect on how God provides all good things for us; be it yesterday, today, tomorrow, or in eternity.

The hymn was originally written by Matthias Claudius in 1782 as a poem based on Psalm 144. It was later reduced in size and published as a hymn.

You can learn more about Jesus in the links below.

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