God’s Grace and Hope : Part 5

God’s Grace Offers Hope for all Humanity

In this series on God’s grace, we have looked at three examples of grace. 

The thief in Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables was offered not only unwarranted mercy by the priest, but riches also that he did not deserve. God also offers us treasures that we do not deserve.

The workers in the vineyard were all treated the same by the landowner – as they were all seen to be of equal value, which is how God sees us.

Finally, the Prodigal son realised how much he had lost due to his selfish nature, but his father welcomed him back into the heart of his family and showered him with gifts demonstrating God’s never-ending forgiveness for us.

And this is how God’s grace works, he loves us all more than we can possibly imagine and wants to shower us with treasures and joy – if we will just turn to him in faith and hope.

St. Paul wrote in his letter to the Romans (Romans 3: 21-26) that;

  • We were born into a broken world and have not been able to live the glorious lives that God had planned for us.
  • God gave the world the gift of Jesus, whose death on the cross paid the price for all that was broken.
  • Through acceptance of Jesus in our lives and turning away from wrongdoings, we can receive the gift of God’s unwarranted grace and the hope of life everlasting.

Perhaps you find this difficult to believe. If you do then why not just try hoping that through God’s grace it could be true – why not live in hope of this being the very reason for our existence – after all, what have you got to lose by doing this? 

Hope ‘for something’ dwells within the central depths of our humanity: it is how we were made, but it can be acted out in all sorts of different obsessions.

Because we were made with a capacity for unlimited love, this causes a yearning that dwells deeply within us all.  

St. Augustine once summed it up by saying;  that God made us for himself and we shall never find true peace until we come to rest in Him.  

Perhaps you can find the things you yearn for by drawing closer to Jesus, and living with faith and hope in him?

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