God’s Grace and Love : Part 1

Looking at God’s Grace and Unconditional Love.

The first in a five part series on the meaning of God’s grace.

Someone once said that;

Justice is getting what we deserve;
Mercy is not getting what we deserve;
and, God’s grace is getting what we don’t deserve.

In this five-part series on the theme of God’s grace, we look into what his love means for us today and why it is so important.

The most important thing to remember is we do not see ourselves as God does. We see ourselves through distortions caused by our insecurities and the fears we carry in the brokenness of this world. 

But God sees each one of us as a beautiful and precious child and offers us peace and love, rather than condemnation or confusion. 

God spreads his love and grace with reckless abandon because, those who perceive themselves as worthless, God knows as precious. Those who perceive themselves as insignificant, God knows as important. Those who perceive themselves as outcasts, God welcomes and accepts.

And the point of all this is that when we accept this love and grace that God offers freely, and so Jesus (the very essence of love), into our lives we become his adopted children.

His children who he knew before we were born and loves us more than any of us can possibly imagine—just as we are. 

And the most important thing is by accepting Jesus, as our saviour, we can live in the hope of being more than just good enough. We can live in the hope of being glorified with Him and of eternal life.

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