Psalm 91

Psalm 91
Psalm 91

Psalm 91 is a dynamic, powerful and beautiful testimony of God’s love for His people. A golden thread runs through the psalm, assuring us that God offers safety and security to those who seek refuge in Him. It concludes with seven promises from God for those who love Him.

Assurance of God’s Protection in Psalm 91

he will cover you with his pinions,
    and under his wings you will find refuge;
    his faithfulness is a shield and buckler.
You will not fear the terror of the night,
    or the arrow that flies by day

Psalm 91 (NRSV)

Psalm 91 says that when we put our trust in God, many beautiful things will happen. He will shield us from evil. He will rescue us from every trap. He’ll protect us from enemies.

God is depicted as an Eagle offering shelter under its gigantic wings in the verses quoted from the psalm above. When you look at the face in the image of the eagle above, and at the claws too, you can certainly visualise a safe refuge in God’s protection – because no one in their right mind is going to challenge that bird’s fledglings!

But then, a few verses later, it offers even more protection. Verse 9 says, because you have trusted in the Lord, he will command his angels to guard you. How can we be troubled when we know that angels are protecting us?

Amazing things can happen when you say God; you are my refuge; I hand these problems over to you. I thank you for being so much more significant than what I’m facing.

The Surrender prayer can help you do this – you can find it here.

Because God loves us all and wants us to turn to him for help and guidance, the psalm finishes with God making seven promises to those who love him in return.;

When we call on Him, He will rescue us;
Protect us.
Answer our prayers.
Be beside us.
Deliver us from trials.
Honour us.
Give us long life.
Give us salvation.

If you are struggling with life’s problems, why not read the whole psalm and then offer a prayer asking God to help you? 

You can read the full version of Psalm 91 here. 

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