The Battle of Jericho and Joshua

Joshua was not a natural warrior, but God led him to victory.

At the time of the Battle of Jericho and Joshua, an estimated two and a half million Israelites were in the exodus from Egypt, striving to find the land promised to them by God as the descendants of Abraham.

They arrived in the area of the city of Jericho, and God told Joshua that he had delivered the city into his hands. But Joshua, who was not a fighting man, had no idea how to accept it. 

So he fell in worship before God and submitted himself to His will, which led to a fantastic victory.

Joshua set up camp with his people outside the city, the last obstacle that stood between them and the promised land and awaited God’s instructions. Although the town was heavily guarded by soldiers and surrounded by a vast stone wall so thick, it was rumoured that chariots could ride along on the top of it. 

But God gave Joshua a method to follow that would deliver his promise of the city. He told Joshua to have his people march around the walls for six days in silence, which they did, but nothing happened. 

It must have been hot, humid, and dusty, the people might have been discouraged, but they carried on regardless.

On the seventh day, as instructed by God, they went on to do six laps of the city in silence. Then on the seventh lap, they blew trumpets and shouted as loud as possible. Amazingly the walls then came tumbling down.

God’s promise was fulfilled, and the Israelites finally entered the land God had covenanted to their patriarch Abraham, modern-day Israel.

Read the full story of the Battle of Jericho and Joshua.

What does the Battle of Jericho and Joshua mean to us today?

Many messages can be taken away from this Old Testament story. The obvious one, for me, is to let God show us the way and persevere when things look hopeless. Because the fruits may be slow in coming forward.

When God anointed Joshua to be a prophet after the death of Moses, he gave him explicit instructions on how to succeed and be prosperous. 

He told him to be strong and courageous and live by the scriptures.

That message applies to us still today as we overcome hurdles, grow closer to God, and understand our personal missions.

Sometimes, we see small cracks appearing in the wall when striving to reach our goals. But other times, like the Israelites, we see no signs to indicate that God is at work. So then, like them, too, we must dig deep within ourselves and commit to carrying on regardless.

The thing is that Joshua faced a colossal battle that he felt unequal to, so he surrendered himself to God entirely and allowed God to lead the way.

Likewise, when we do not have the power to achieve our goals and surrender ourselves to God, he will take over. He may well take us on a path that we had not considered, as he did with Joshua, but our goals will be achieved by going forward in faith as he did.

When we surrender ourselves to God and offer thanks and praise, we discover the strength, courage, and hope in Jesus to persevere and eventually watch the walls blocking our way fall.

There’s always a Jericho that stands between us and our promised land, one last obstacle that looks like, well, looks like a gigantic brick wall.

Could you trust in God enough to surrender to Him, praise Him, and carry on in hope, despite obstacles and being blind to the outcome of challenges you face?

The Surrender Prayer

Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. Joshua 5:6

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