Jesus Calms the Storm

jesus calms the storm
jesus calms the storm

Jesus Calms the Storm ~ Luke 8, Mark 4, Matthew 8.

After Jesus had finished preaching to the crowds by a lake, he said to the disciples let’s go over to the other side now. So a fleet of little fishing boats set off to the other side. Jesus was asleep on a cushion in a quiet place at the back of one of the boats.

A storm was brewing, and it caused tremendous waves to crash over all the boats. The disciples in the boat with Jesus were terrified and woke Him up, saying that we would all die if this kept up.

Jesus got up and spoke to the storm, saying; Peace. Be still. Then everything immediately calmed down. Jesus had calmed the storm.

The disciples looked on in awe and wonder at a man who had the power to control the sea and wind, and Jesus reprimanded them for their lack of faith.

Jesus was in the storm, but He didn’t allow the storm to get in Him.

He knew who he was and his authority, where his power was based, and it wasn’t in unexpected circumstances.

So, he wasn’t going to get bent out of shape about this situation and stayed calm as he took control and did what was in his power.

I chose to illustrate this reflection with a lighthouse because they have traditionally been viewed as symbols of hope and security, strength and authority in times of trouble, which is what Jesus displayed to the disciples.

Lighthouses save lives, but Jesus, our lighthouse, saves souls. He offers us strength, hope, and guidance with his light in both good and bad times.

However, because we live in a fallen world, we are bound to encounter stressful situations, adversity, and various trials and tribulations. 

So the peace Jesus offers is not in the absence of challenges; financial problems, enemies, and health issues are things we are all subject to.

The peace Jesus offers us is in the wisdom to have the strength and hope to be still in the storms of life, trusting in the power of Jesus to get us safely and calmly to the other side.

Because if we wait for all our troubles to be resolved before we can find peace, we will wait for the rest of our lives. 

But Jesus offers sanctuary in Him, all the days of our lives, and the hope of life eternal when we place our faith, trust, and hope in Him.

Why not surrender all your worries and troubles to Christ with this prayer – here.

Psalm 91:4 
contains a metaphor depicting God as an eagle
keeping his chicks safe from danger under his wings. 
Both you and I are the chicks he protects under his wings.
Find out more here

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